DATAX provided significant improvement to Airtel’s radio access network by increasing the RAN capacity by over 20% with the same spectral resources and without compromising the quality of experience of the end-users. DATAX achieved such results by: optimization of antennas settings (azimuth and tilt), including change of antenna type, optimization of neighbor relation, optimization of frequency plan. “

See the letter: Airtel – reference letter

Thierry Botomaroza       Lydia Rakotomalala
Technical Director               SCM Manager
Airtel Madagascar               Airtel Madagascar

“[…] DATAX QB has proved that it can improve 2G network quality (interference reduction, neighbor optimization, drop call reduction, new frequency plans) as promised, even though there are some really problematic areas in Slovenia. With the tool we can now deliver improved GSM quality to our customers. DATAX QB can also be used in other cases such as spectrum re-farming and our next project of re-farming will be done with the help of DATAX QB solution. Optimization process is quick, straightforward and with the on-site and on-line help from DATAX engineers we are able to react quickly on our customers’ demands. We are able to achieve improvements even on the areas where already now quality is acceptable.

DATAX team has proved to be professional, highly skilled in the area of expertise, opened and flexible to satisfy their customers.”

See the letter: Si.mobil – reference letter

Matjaž Prvinšek
RNPM Group leader
Si.mobil, Slovenia

“We have been cooperating with DATAX since 2002. The extensive trial of DATAX’s 2G network optimization solution QBooster, proved that it would help us improve our network quality, especially in GSM frequency planning areas. Indeed, it enabled us to achieve our goals, even in some extremely challenging areas. With this tool, the whole optimization proces was quick, easy, and straightforward, with minimum effort and human resources on our side.

Since then, QBooster has proven its excpetional usefulness numerous times, by bringing significant improvement to Bite’s radio access network in operations as well as network quality. Very seldom nowadays can you find a tool which improves them as significantly as QBooster does.”

See the letter: Bite – reference letter

Ramūnas Mikalauskas
Radio Network Planning & Optimization Manager
UAB BITĖ GSM, Lithuania

“[…]With QBooster it is still possible to achieve improvement even in areas that have been undergoing constant optimization over period of years rather than months. All it takes is one dedicated engineer and 2 weeks of time. That time and human resources gain is important especially in case one has to shift the focus to 3G planning, roll-out, operation and optimization.”

“[…]Services provided by DATAX personnel are of high professional standards both in terms of knowledge and its transfer to the employees.”

José Mata
Head of Radio Network Planning Division
Vodafone, Portugal

“We cooperated with DATAX in a strategic consulting project for a German mobile operator E Plus. The services were related to planning and optimization of a radio network. The scope of activities of DATAX was concentrated on Turn of Cycle and configuration process in the radio and transport infrastructure. DATAX team delivered highest quality of solutions, unique knowledge and passion for radio networks. “

Marcin Dąbrowski
Business Unit Director

DATAX activities comprised conducting an updated feasibility study and performing technical analysis of GSM-R network TEN-T railway in Poland along with the radio planning for selected channels (IRZUF/2005-PL-92606- S-2/10) . The main tasks included network planning and optimization of GSM-R for over 1.000 km of railway lines done by DATAX. The DATAX service was done in an excellent way, both in technical and quality terms.DATAX consultants delivered work with highest level of experience, knowledge and passion. “

See the letter: Audytel – reference letter

Tomasz Dobkowski

“We have been cooperating with DATAX since 2007 in development and system integration under the framework contract. DATAX activities are carried out with due diligence, according to the current state of engineering knowledge in the ICT sector. DATAX scope of work covers widely understood network configuration management and network performance improvement.
Our engineers are using solutions developed in collaboration with DATAX engineers on daily basis. With integrated network performance and configuration management solution we can quickly reach the information about the quality of the network and immediately address identified problems.
This advantage directly translates into the quality of our services and satisfaction of our network’s subscribers. I would also like to emphasize flexibility and openness of DATAX to the wider cooperation exceeding the ranges defined in the contract.”

Radosław Potera
General Director
3G Network Services sp. z o.o. sp. k.