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If what you value is:


Opportunity to work in a small company yet with a global scale.


Having a real impact on the company’s products.


Chance to gain experience involving every stage of software development in different technologies.


Cooperating with the best of the best in their field (doctorates, programming contests, own researches).


Supporting employees’ self-development.

Flat structure

Flat organisational structure.

Small friendly team

Working in a small friendly team of people who give each other support.

Flexible hours

Flexible working hours.

Home office

Occasional ability to work from home.

Golden rule

A positive organisational culture that follows the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like others to treat you”.


Sharing food and stories at a hearty Polish traditional breakfast every Thursday :).


Security for you and your close ones with a comprehensive private healthcare package.

Our Customers worldwide

Using our knowledge and hands-on experience, we design innovative algorithms which boost up network efficiency. We participate in international projects to improve things around us. We contribute by offering our proven know-how.

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