From clever ideas
to measurable results

DATAX provides applications for multivendor and multi-RAT RAN optimisation and management. Our products are tightly integrated with OSS. Our team translates their expert knowledge into pragmatic solutions for actual network problems.


We use our knowledge and experience to create solutions which boost up engineering efficiency and save time.

Our team consists of radio engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists. We help operators in achieving their main business goal – to ensure customers’ satisfaction with quality of mobile connections.


Managing Director

Since 1999 specialised in the management of IT companies and Research & Development centers. Managing Director, CTO, member of Management Board and Shareholder at AXIT, Branch Manager at SoftGroup Polska Sp. z o.o., Lecturer at Institute of Computer Science Wrocław, Business Consultant at TIM S.A.. MSc degrees in Computer Science and Finance/Banking. Rafał joined DATAX in 2009.

Sales Director

Before joining DATAX Rafal was EMEA sales manager for Groundhog, where he successfully introduced new solutions into the new markets. Prior to that Rafal was responsible for EMEA account management with VPIsystems and Actix, where he contributed to develop technical account management operations in the APAC region. Rafal’s career started with Era GSM (T-Mobile Poland) just after graduated The Military University of Technology. Rafał joined DATAX in December 2011.